Use ArchiMate only for simple or isolated project architecture

Use Labnaf if you want a complete and professional solution for driving transformations as a team

Sample ArchiMate modeling issues that will make you upgrade to Labnaf

  • Which elements are applications managed in my application portfolio?
  • Which ones are components?
  • Which ones are data stores?
  • How do I model levels of details; How do I manage complexity?
  • How do I model a message flow?
  • Which information is used in which flows?
  • Which information is flowing in which direction?
  • How do I make sure people can’t create flows mixing levels of detail?
  • How to I define messages and message content?
  • How do I model plateaus on connectors?
  • How can I hide and show elements (not) belonging to a certain plateau?

Sample scaling issues that will you make upgrade from ArchiMate to Labnaf

  • How can I make diagrams simple to read and unambiguous?
  • How does the language integrate in a complete framework?
  • How do I integrate other standards in that framework?
  • How do these standards integrate in a precise and actionable transformation process?
  • What exact views are used and produced throughout the process?
  • How can I integrate enterprise architecture, solution architecture, strategy and roadmapping in a repository at large scale?
  • How can I make my metamodel easy to read and to customize?
  • How can I make sure my key diagrams are complete and have a consistent look and feel?
  • How do I specify automatic calculations?
  • How do I specify and generate Excel reports?
  • How do I schedule tasks?
  • How do I apply governance for my enterprise visualization, for strategy and for project architecture?