Labnaf started as a research project. Once out of the lab, it iteratively evolved in the midst of numerous business transformation endeavors across multiple organizations.

I wish to recognize the valuable help of my insightful co-workers and friends who provided requirements, creative ideas and feedback throughout the long and cheerful development stages.

I would like to thank in particular Luc Alix, Jacques Colle, Walther Hautermann, Alain Garsoux,   Jon RidgwayOlivier Verack, Julien Lefebvre, Fabienne VanhoorebeeckAlain Latteur, Erik Coopman, Marc Notelaers, Christophe Ponsard, Hasko Heinecke, Arnaud BisteauLaurent Wouters, Guy Van Den Bergh, Olivier Plaitin.

Nothing would have been possible without Dr. Eric Dubois who mentored my first steps while I was entering the field of method engineering and provided regular feedback further down the road.

The approach for organizing enterprise functions, applications and information flows into several levels of detail reached a level of quality that would not be conceivable without the critical input from Jacques Colle.

And last but not least, special thanks to Jack Greenfield who taught me how to structure architecture using hierarchies of interrelated viewpoints and domain-specific languages. These were determinant for the Labnaf framework organization.

Alain De Preter