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Trial version for the single-user chief architecture, enterprise architect, strategist, demand manager, capability planner, project portfolio manager, business architect, application architect, information architect, solution architect, cloud architect, technology architect, robotics architect, architecture portfolio manager, or analyst.

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Modeling any aspect of enterprise transformations

  • On-line help and self-paced training courses on Udemy
  • Labnaf modeling language based on pure systems semantics and supporting the end-to-end process of driving transformations
  • Labnaf modeling diagram types/viewpoints
  • Flows of viewpoints covering the entire process
  • Labnaf modeling toolboxes
  • Dynamic model validation based on a default metamodel
  • Default metamodel covering the entire process of driving transformations including enterprise architecture, strategy definition, strategy execution (business architecture, strategic planning…) and solution architecture
  • Startup repository structure – Lite edition
Sparx Infrastructure (September 2022 prices)
Required – EA Professional

€ 289 /license (perpetual)
Free trial: 6 months max

Standard License Floating License
€ 950/license € 1260 /license

For small to very large teams managing simple to very complex organizations using a shared database repository.

Enable the many disciplines involved in enterprise transformations to seamlessly collaborate by using the same modeling language, the same process, the same repository and the same tool.

Supports all architecture roles, strategy, sensitive data usage risk identification, incident and unavailability risk governance.

Modeling any aspect of enterprise transformations, plus:

Productivity features

  • Configurable and dynamic metamodel expressed in the end user Labnaf language itself. Updated in two clicks (the rules and the documentation are one and the same thing)
  • Dynamic model validation based on default or customized metamodel
  • On demand chart and diagram generation following templates defined in the Labnaf model repository
  • Dynamic diagram name prefix generation that helps identify the diagram type
  • Element values initialization (when you create new elements) following Labnaf templates (models)
  • On demand value calculation (can be cascaded). Used for developing calculations to be scheduled by the Labnaf PowerShell
  • Excel and CSV import of elements and connectors (create, update, identifying elements following multiple criteria)
  • Rich Excel and CSV generation following Labnaf Excel templates (models), including groupings, auto-coloring, connections (as matrices) and indirect relationships
  • Implicit data generation including connectors and sensitive data usage
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for dedicated roles
  • Virtual catalogs that can span multiple packages with auto-generated content selection (used for report generation, exports, calculation, diagram generation, implicit connector generation, charts and dashboards)


  • Full startup repository with template structure and placeholders that is used to model organizations of any size and complexity
  • Sample repository

Templates for

  • Word, PDF, RTF, Excel and CSV document generation,
  • Diagram generation,
  • Value calculations,
  • HTML generation (enabling email discussions about diagrams).

Customizing the Labnaf modeling language and tools

  • Customization workbench (software)
  • Staging environment (DEV, TEST, PROD)

Language Transformer

  • Transform any language into the Labnaf language (Professional edition is needed to translate from Labnaf
Sparx Infrastructure  (October 2021 prices)
Required – EA Corporate modeling platform

€ 259 /license (perpetual)

Optional – Prolaborate web UI & collaboration

€ 17 / user /year

Annual Subscription
1295 € /5 active users in a repository

Scheduled/batch operations for architecture industrialization and governance


  • Diagram and chart generation following templates defined in the Labnaf model repository.
  • Rich Excel and CSV generation following Labnaf Excel templates
  • Word generation following Sparx System’s document template approach.
  • Publication to an HTML site where pages can be shared using standard e-mails.
  • Implicit data generation

Advanced Repository Synchronization, Refactoring and Normalization

  • Advanced repository content synchronization
  • Automatic repository content refactoring and normalization
  • Implicit relationship generation
  • Diagram selection (any criteria) for automatic locking and connector freezing…


  • Automated tagged value calculation following templates defined in the Labnaf model repository.

Model validation

  • Invalid connector detection and email error reports distribution


  • To local model repository
Sparx Infrastructure  (September 2022 prices)
Required – EA Corporate modeling platform

1 single perpetual license needed (€  289)

Standard License
170 € /license

Modeling language transformation

of existing modeling elements and connectors in terms of types, stereotypes and tagged values

Enables translation of any language like ArchiMate, BPMN or UML into any other language e.g. Labnaf (and vice versa).

This includes imports from Visio or Archi.