Labnaf provides a comprehensive 360° view on data usage and security requirements across all architecture layers. By deriving detailed data usage insights from basic architecture content and data classification, organizations can gain complete visibility into data access, usage, and movement. This deep understanding of data usage patterns enables proactive risk detection and ensures compliance with regulations through automated analysis. Labnaf provides detailed insights and actionable reports, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and improve data management.

The result is an efficient and secure solution for data governance that reduces the risk of data breaches. Labnaf helps security auditors to focus their investigations by providing a complete understanding of sensitive data usage, leading to more targeted and efficient audits.

Empower your organization to effectively manage critical data while improving overall compliance and reducing the risk of costly penalties and reputational damage.

In a few words:

  • A comprehensive view of the use of information, including its sensitivity level, covering all elements of the architectural design.
  • Derives detailed data usage insights from basic architecture content
  • Complete visibility into data access, usage, and movement
  • Deep analysis of data usage patterns for proactive risk detection
  • Ensures compliance with regulations through thorough analysis
  • Informed decision making with detailed insights and actionable reports
  • Improved data management and reduced risk of data breaches through deep insights
  • Efficient and secure solution for sensitive data governance and compliance

By having a comprehensive understanding of sensitive data usage, risk and security auditors can focus their investigations on specific areas where there is higher risk or potential for data breaches. This helps to streamline the auditing process and minimize the time spent on manual data review, leading to more efficient and effective security audits.