A dynamic self-documenting metamodel is, as demonstrated in this video:

  • customizable in the blink of an eye directly from the modeling environment
  • self-documenting and readable as it is expressed in the end user modeler language itself (not a metamodeling language)
  • dynamically generating modeling validation rules and “quick linkers” in the modeling user interface
  • dynamically integrating both vendor’s and customers’ metamodel changes
  • automatically documenting differences between metamodel versions
  • enabling Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect SaaS users to instantly update their metamodel without leaving the SaaS sandbox.

Labnaf comes with a standard metamodel that spans the entire process of driving transformations.

Watch this video showing the agile standard metamodel customization in action.

There is also a user-defined metamodel that you can populate and activate.

You can easily switch between standard metamodel, customized metamodel, and user-defined metamodel in a few clicks.

The configurable metamodels are expressed in the end user Labnaf language itself. So, the human-readable metamodel specification and the documentation are one and the same thing.

The metamodels can be instantly and dynamically updated and upgraded, on premise or on the cloud, using the Instant Metamodel Manager.

Using the Instant Metamodel Manager, you can…

  • Select and customize your preferred metamodel (standard, customized standard or user-defined),
  • Upgrade the standard metamodel to a new version of Labnaf while keeping your own metamodel customizations,
  • Restart an interrupted upgrade,
  • Create baselines before the upgrades,
  • Generate documentation diagrams on your customization of the standard metamodel on demand and automatically after upgrade,
  • Create, upgrade and automatically repair existing metamodel structures (even empty ones) in any repository,
  • Manage metamodels using the end user modeling language itself (no metamodeling language needed) and without the need of any MDG models and tools,
  • Manage metamodels in an Sparx Systems’ EA SaaS Cloud environment.