How to build an all in one and unified transformation framework

This video is an abstract from a Labnaf Training course on Udemy.

It explains how Labnaf semantically merges standards and best practices.

First, we were inspired by a large set of standards, from best practices, from our common experience, from our research and from many experiments.

From these, we created a first version of a process for driving transformations.

In that process, we defined an initial sequence of viewpoints, a sequence of diagram types, if you want. These are the viewpoints needed for describing an enterprise the vision for transforming the enterprise and the changes to this enterprise.

Then we built a first version of a conceptual metamodel. And that includes the concepts used in the viewpoints.

Now you might ask: How did we make sure this conceptual metamodel makes sense?

To make sure it makes sense, we used systems semantics. These are the core semantics of any system, like an enterprise, a city, or even the weather. This is a reference to ensure that a metamodel really makes sense.

And what was also essential was the feedback from experts in different disciplines.

Then, from the conceptual metamodel, we created a language and a language metamodel. Then, we used the language in the viewpoints. Of course, this was a very iterative process.